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With the advancement of technology, businesses have had to use social media and websites in order to market themselves and communicate with customers. But if you’re brand-new to running a business, how do you attract more customers to your business? One way to do this is to use Facebook to communicate with your customers.

Live Videos

One feature that Facebook offers is Facebook Live. You may already be familiar with live videos, which is a feature that allows you to record yourself while others watch it at the same time. However, it’s not only a good tool to keep in touch with friends, it is also a good tool to market your business. You can choose who can see your video. You can also see who’s commenting and who’s viewing your video while you stream. You can even edit your video after the event because Facebook saves the video after the livestream. Live videos are one way that you can build a public persona and communicate directly with customers.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Another popular app from Facebook is Facebook Messenger. Not only can you use the app to communicate, Facebook Messenger also has bots. Bots, or chatbots, are a unique way that you can communicate with customers. Bots are incredibly flexible, and conversations with bots sound relatively organic. They can do a host of things, including guiding customers to buy the product they are looking for, or direct customers to your website. Bots can offer simple customer service in the absence of an employee. While bots can’t handle everything, you can use them to help communicate with customers on a flexible timetable.

Public Pages

You may already be familiar with Facebook’s public pages, which allow businesses to showcase their business. They are easy to use, and they act like a website (although they shouldn’t take the place of a website) and enable you to showcase your business and connect directly with customers who visit your page. However, when designing your public page, make sure that it reflects your brand and how you want customers to see your business as. Your business page should not look like your regular Facebook newsfeed; it should look professional.

With all the technology out there, it is important to know how to use it to help you benefit your business, and especially communicate with customers. Your business would not be successful without customers, which is why it is important to know the tools that you can use to communicate with customers.

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